Ulyanovsk region, Ulyanovsk, Radishcheva str., 1
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Working hours: 08.00-17.00
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About the center

On 29.12.2020, the Center for the Development of Tax Culture and Financial Literacy was established by the Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Ulyanovsk Region No. 466-radar. It is an independent structural subdivision of the Ministry of Finance of the Ulyanovsk Region and is subordinate in its activities to the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Ulyanovsk Region.

The main goal of the Center is to implement the Strategy for Improving Financial Literacy in the Russian Federation for 2017-2023 in terms of promoting the formation of reasonable financial behavior, informed decisions and a responsible attitude to personal finance among residents of the Ulyanovsk region, improving efficiency in protecting the rights of consumers of financial services, increasing tax revenues, and countering the "shadow" sector of the economy.

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